Company Profile

Founded in the year 1994, Micro Lab Instruments began its journey as a dedicated service provider for biochemistry analyzers, blood cell counters, and other clinical diagnostic s. Staying true to our founding principles of providing top-notch services, we accumulated an arsenal of invaluable experience and developed an efficient and professional after-sales service team. Our objective was simple and impactful - to ensure an unmatched level of customer satisfaction and performance through our services.

The story of our growth took a major turn in 2006 when we leapt into the space of manufacturers of research and medical machines and tools industry, we saw it as a business expansion but it turned our a step towards self-reliance, precision, and a promise to our customers of accuracy that only a self-producing entity can offer. Since then, our company Micro Lab Instruments has grown from strength to strength and has established itself as a leading manufacturer in the industry in every case possible. What makes us special from others is the deep connection we maintain with our users. We as the most renowned company in the research space and having an approachable and empathic customer service team is not an overnight progress and we have made it over the course of time.

As the most responsible manufacturer and supplier the backbone of analytical testing and clinical experiments, the integrity of science hinges on the precision of these devices. This understanding guides our manufacturing processes, compelling us to adhere to the most stringent ion standards. Our mission is to create equipment that aids in advancements in science and the healthcare industry.